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Thomas K. Martin

Upcoming Events

This page lists all of the upcoming events in my writing career.  Here you can find information on new books as well as my upcoming convention and bookstore appearances.  Follow the links below to get more information on these events.  If you want to stay notified of these events automatically, subscribe to my personal mailing list!  It's easy!  Just follow the link and fill out the form.  Then, once a month, you'll automatically be notified of the events that are coming up.  Plus, you'll receive notification of new book releases as soon as they happen!
Upcoming Works Autographing Appearances Convention Appearances
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Upcoming Works

This is a list of all of the new books by me that are contracted for release.  All release dates listed below are subject to change without notice at the fickle whim of my publisher.  For more information on a particular work ( including cover art and excerpts when available ), just click on the title!  For a comprehensive listing of my works visit my Online Book Club!  There you will find cover art and excerpts from all my works as well as reviews by me on other authors and their books!

Autographing Appearances

Have a book by me and want to get it signed?  Just check here to see if and when I'll be in an area near you for an autographing!  Be sure and check the convention listings as well, since I'm always happy to sign a book at a convention!

None Scheduled

Convention Appearances

Dragon Con, July 1st - July 4th, 1999

RiverCon, July 30th - August 1st, 1999

    None Scheduled

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