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These pages are lists of the various sites that I find interesting or that belong to my friends and associates. Whenever I find a new professional or fan site I will add it to the lists here. I will also add links to any sites that I think are particularly interesting or useful. Check these pages occasionally for the latest additions. If you have a site that you think belongs on these pages, send me a note and tell me about it! Also, if a link on one of these pages is no longer valid, PLEASE let me know so that I can update or remove the link.

Although I attempt to screen these sites, I am not responsible for the content of any site listed on these pages. If you find the content of any of the sites on these pages objectionable, please contact the owner of the site in question. Thank you.
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Internet Browser Monitoring Software for Children

Free speech on the Internet and protecting our children have seemed to become mutually exclusive issues. Protecting the freedom of speech is vital to the maintenance of our constitutional rights, but protecting our children is vital to the future of our society. Click on one of the images below to learn how you can protect your children from material intended for mature "surfers" while still allowing them to explore the vast areas of information available on the Internet.
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Mars Surveyor '98
Mars Surveyor '98

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Artemis Society International -- Building a Private Lunar Base
Babylon 5 -- Official Website
Dilbert -- Need I say more?
FAS Martian Fossil Information Site
Lotto Texas -- Did YOU get lucky?
Mars Direct -- A page based on Dr. Zubrin's proposed colonization of Mars
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
Texas Spacelines -- Garage rocket science!
Thomas K. Martin's Online Book Club -- Free Web Pages!
ZD Net Software Library -- FREE Downloads!

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AltaVista Search
Deja News -- Usenet search engine
InfoSeek Search Machine
IAF - Internet Address Finder (Internet White Pages)
Links Plus
Linkstar Search Engine
LYCOS Search Engine
Magellan Internet Guide
New Rider's Official WWW Yellow Pages
Point Communications -- Top 5% of the Web
Starting Point
Web Crawler