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Thomas K. Martin

About the Author

Send Tom some e-mail! Send Tom some e-mail! You want to know about me?  Well, I was born in a small mining town in the Cumberland Gap region of Kentucky near the West Virginia and Tennessee borders.  My father was in the United States Air Force, so I grew up on the move, pulling up roots and relocating every few years.  As a result, I've had the experience of living in most regions of the country, including Alaska, and I've lived overseas briefly as well.  I first came to Texas with my parents in 1974 and have been in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area ever since.  I currently live in the Dallas area with my wife, Mary, and four of our five children.

It was while living in Alaska at the age of fourteen that I wrote my first novel.  Fortunately, no one will ever see it!  Yes, it was THAT bad!  Hey, what do you expect from a fourteen year old kid?

Check out The Book Club My first published novel, A Two-Edged Sword ( the first book of The Delgroth Trilogy ) was released by Ace/Berkley in December of 1993.  I have just completed work on MageLord: The House of Bairn the third book of the The MageLord Trilogy which will be out in May of 1999.  I hope to start a new Science-Fiction trilogy based on the colonization of Luna and am also working on a new trilogy with character Steve Wilkinson from The Delgroth Trilogy.  We'll see which one sells first!

When not writing, I work as a computer programmer ( which pays the bills ).  I also serve as president of The Artemis Society of Dallas, and sometimes, ( when I can manage to squeeze it in ) I knit ( chain armor ) for relaxation.  I love to hear from my fans, so feel free to send me E-mail anytime you like!  It may take a little while (I stay pretty busy after all) but you will hear back from me eventually.  For those of you with PGP, follow this link to obtain my PGP Public Key.

Science-fiction / Fantasy Writer's of America I am, of course, a member of the Science-fiction and Fantasy Writer's of America.  My membership has lapsed from active status due to tight finances, but I plan to renew soon.  SFWA is a wonderful organization that works diligently to represent and support its members.  If you ever become a published author I strongly recommend joining and supporting this fine organization.

Artemis Society Intenational I also "do time" as the current president of the very active Dallas Chapter of Artemis Society International.  Visit the site of Artemis Society International for more information on how this private organization is working to make the dream of a privately funded lunar base a reality.  For those of you in the Dallas area, visit the home page of The Artemis Society of Dallas for information on how to join our local chapter.

Blue Ribbon Free Speech Campaign Free speech court battles Okay, now it's time for the soap box...

As an author I strongly support the freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the first ammendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, in all venues.  Follow this link for more information on the Blue Ribbon Campaign to preserve freedom of speech in ALL areas of human communication.

Our government is attempting to deny this fundamental right when the medium of communication is electronic.  Legislation attempting to restrict legitimate discourse on the Internet in the name of "protecting" us from "indecent" material is being fought in legislative houses and courtrooms across the country.  Two such acts have already been declared completely unconstitutional in federal court.  Find out how you can help protect your constitutional rights!  Get involved!

Another means by which the government would attempt to limit our freedom of speech is by constantly looking over our shoulders to eavesdrop on our electronic correspondence.  I am sorry to say that the courts have long ago upheld legislation allowing government agencies to intercept electronic correspondence between law-abiding citizens without court order!  They can't legally tap your phone, but they can read your e-mail to their heart's content.

As a result, I try to use PGP encryption software on my e-mail whenever possible.  Not because I have anything to hide, but simply because I want private conversations with my friends to STAY private.  You can do the same.  Use encryption software to protect the privacy of your e-mail!  Follow this link for information on PGP encryption software and to obtain my Public PGP Key.

Okay, that's enough of the soap box, for now!  I hope this page has told you something about me and I look forward to meeting some of you online or in person in the future!

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