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Links to Political Information Sites

The views expressed by the sites listed here do not necessarily correspond with the Author's own views. They are included here solely for informational purposes. As with all lists, I am not responsible for the content of any site in this list. You are invited to follow these links and examine the views expressed therein for yourself and come to your own conclusions. If you find the content of any of these sites objectionable, please contact the owner of the site in question. Thank you.
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PGP for US Residents
PGP for non-US Residents

The American Civil Liberties Union
Banned Books On-Line
Blue Ribbon Campaign
The CATO Institute
Citizens for Tax Justice
Citizen's Internet Empowerment Coalition
The Democratic Party Online
The Electronic Frontier Foundataion -- Blue Ribbon & Golden Key Campaigns
The Electronic Privacy Information Center
Fair Tax? Decide for yourself.
FAS Project on Government Secrecy
Golden Key Campaign
Internet Privacy Coalition
IRS Digital Daily newsletter
National Rifle Association
NETIZEN -- Internet Activism Site
Political Self-Evaluation Quiz -- Where do YOU fall on the chart?
The Republican Central Committee