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The Artemis Society of Dallas


ASD Fund Raising Subcommittee

A Subcommittee of the ASD Financial Committee

Purpose Officers Projects Meeting Schedule Meeting Minutes


It is the duty of the Fund Raising Subcommittee to research and propose general fund raising projects to the general assembly of the Artemis Society of Dallas (ASD) for approval.  The Fund Raising Subcommittee then coordinates and conducts all general fund raising operations under the direction of the ASD Financial Committee.  It is expected that the Fund Raising Subcommittee will in turn create a separate project team to oversee each fund raising operation which it undertakes.  A project team will consist of a team leader and the team members.  The team leader will be a member of, and will report to, the Fund Raising Subcommittee.  There is no requirement that team members also be members of the Fund Raising Subcommittee.

This committee also acts as an oversight committee, supervising the internal fund raising activities of other committees.  Any committee which wishes to organize a fund raising event must notify the Fund Raising Subcommittee of its intent to do so and provide a detailed description of the activities planned.  Once the event has been held, the Fund Raising Subcommittee must be provided with detailed financial reports on the outcome of the event.

Committee Officers

Chairman:    Vacant
Secretary:    Vacant
Treasurer:    Vacant

Committee Members

     Thomas K. Martin     

Project Teams

There are no project teams under the management of the Fund Raising Subcommittee at this time.


There are no scheduled meetings of the Fund Raising Subcommittee at this time.

Minutes from the last meeting

There are no minutes from previous meetings of the Fund Raising Subcommittee.

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