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The Artemis Society of Dallas


ASD Financial Committee

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It is the duty of the Financial Committee to oversee all financial transactions entered into by the Artemis Society of Dallas (ASD) and to maintain the books and ledgers of the chapter.  The Financial Committee is also responsible for producing the annual report and for overseeing all fund raising activities undertaken by the ASD.  It is anticipated that this committee will also appoint committee members as liasons to the other committees and subcommittees of the ASD as necessary to facilitate the financial operations of those committees.

As this committee is dedicated to the function performed by the chapter Treasurer, the Chairman and Treasurer of this committee shall be the Treasurer of the ASD.  No one else may serve as the Chairman and Treasurer of the Financial Committee.

Committee Officers

Chairman:    Robert S. Gammenthaler
Treasurer:    Robert S. Gammenthaler
Secretary:    Vacant

Committee Members

Robert S. Gammenthaler      Thomas K. Martin

List of Subcommittees

Project Teams

There are no project teams under the management of the Financial Committee at this time.


No meetings of the Financial Committee are currently scheduled.

Minutes from the last meeting

There are no minutes from previous meetings of the Financial Committee.

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