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The Artemis Society of Dallas


ASD Newsletter Subcommittee

A Subcommittee of the ASD Public Relations Committee

Purpose Officers Projects Meeting Schedule Meeting Minutes


The ASD Newsletter Subcommittee is responsible for the production and delivery of "Regolith", the monthly newsletter of the Artemis Society of Dallas.  In this committee, the position of "Chairman" has been replaced by the position of "Editor in Chief".  The Newsletter Subcommittee is a branch of the Public Relations Committee and, as such, does not need to solicit the approval of that committee before releasing the newsletter to its subscribers.

Committee Officers

Editor in Chief:    Richard T. Carey
Assistant Editor:    Thomas Wheeler
Treasurer:    Vacant

Committee Members

Richard T. Carey      Thomas Wheeler

Project Teams

There are no project teams under the management of the Newsletter Subcommittee at this time.


There are no scheduled meetings of the Newsletter Subcommittee at this time.

Minutes from the last meeting

There are no minutes from previous meetings of the Newsletter Subcommittee.

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