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The Artemis Society of Dallas


ASD Membership Committee

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An ongoing recruiting effort is necessary for the continued operation of any organization.  To this end, the Membership Committee has been formed.  The duties of this committee include the maintenance of membership records, the advertisement and promotion of the Artemis Society of Dallas (ASD) and the solicitation of new members to ASD and to Artemis Society International.  Since this committee deals with the maintenance of the chapter's membership records, the Chairman of this committee shall be the Secretary of the ASD.  No one else may serve as Chairman of this committee.

Committee Officers

Chairman:    Richard T. Carey
Treasurer:    Vacant
Secretary:    Vacant

Committee Members

Richard T. Carey      Thomas K. Martin

List of Subcommittees

There are no subcommittees of the ASD Membership Committee.

Project Teams

SF/F Convention Recruiting Team:
The SF/F Convention Recruiting Team is responsible for conducting recruiting operations
during the various Science-Fiction and Fantasy conventions in the Dallas Area.
Team Leader:    Thomas K. Martin (Interim)
Team Members:    None
Next Meeting:    Not Scheduled

Date: February 27, 1997

The SF/F Convention Recruiting Team is organizing a membership drive to be held at ItzaCon.  This convention will be held on Saturday, April 11th at the Omni Park West Hotel off I-635 just west of I-35E.  The Recruiting Team plans to rent table space in the Dealer's Room at the convention and distribute information on Artemis Society International (ASI) and The Artemis Society of Dallas (ASD).  Artemis merchandise and memberships will also be sold at this space.  Anyone who wishes to assist in this project should contact the team leader for more information.

Meeting Schedule

There are no scheduled meetings of the ASD Membership Committee at this time.

Minutes from the last meeting

There are no minutes from previous meetings of the ASD Membership Committee.

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